GREEN BANGLA LTD. started trading with the sole intention of creating long standing, mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients. Our business is in demand because over any given period, there is significant movement in the global foreign exchange market - the longer the period, the more likelihood of a market swing and the cost that may entail. In giving best exchange rates, market information and trading mechanisms to financial decision makers on a regular basis, we feel we have achieved our goals and in doing so allowed others to better manage their foreign currency exposures. To date the majority of our business comes from our reputation with our clients and referrals of our service and pricing. Based in the heart of the City of London ,

we pride ourselves on our ability to offer best rates, great service, and an easy way to transfer and receive money internationally. Our system is the latest in money transfer technology with a world wide network of locations and dedicated professionals. We also offer a wide range of money exchange and wholesale business.

To Become an Client
You are welcome to be a client of Green Bangla Limited. Please come to Green Bangla Limited along with the following original documents. Please Click How to send Money

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After receiving all those documents we will provide you our bank details to deposit money.
Further clarification please feel free to contact us on

+ 44 (0)20 7265 8009

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Today Taka Rate 

£1 = 119.50Bank Transfer

£1 =119.50 Instant

Last Update:  17 MAY2021

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